ARC EGT gauge? How to mount it?


New Member
May 9, 2002
Wondering how any of you are mounting your ARC EGT gauge? It's the rectangular bulky gauge that ARC makes w/ the digital readout.
I think I've seen it mounted to the right of the steering wheel over the hazard switch, but how do you mount it? Does another company make a bracket?
I doubt double sided tape would work as it's a bit heavy.

Anyone have one of these?
Where do you have it mounted & how is it mounted?

Anyone ever seen these mounted in anyone else's cars?
How do they have them mounted?
Or does anyone else know of any articles in MM&FF or 5.0 magazine where they did a feature on a car w/ one of these ARC gauges mounted? If so, what magazine & what month?

Any big racers have these.....who?

Thanx in advance!!!!
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