Are these heads any good for 414c.i.?


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Jun 10, 2005
The first is trick flow "r" series and the second are dart irons. PLEASE keep in mind the added 45# from irons means NOTHING to me if the price is OVER $1000 less and I have already taken 150# off my front end. Thanks in advance!

Trick Flow R Heads, Assembled

R-Series Aluminum Cylinder Heads for Small Block Ford

Made just for racing—the R-Series heads for 5.0L and 351W Ford feature the exclusive Twisted Wedge combustion chamber design. The 61cc chamber has the intake and exhaust valves rotated over the center of the cylinder bores. This unshrouds the intake valve and moves the spark plug closer to the center of the cylinder bore, increasing airflow and allowing for more complete combustion.

Complementing the combustion chambers are large 206cc intake ports, and exhaust ports that are raised .500" from stock. The heads are machined for 2.08" intake/1.60" exhaust valves. Combined, they provide 305 cfm intake and 222 cfm exhaust airflow at .720" of valve lift—right out the box (with recommended valve job and back cut intake valves). With a cartridge roll blend and polish job, those airflow figures increase to 325 cfm intake/254 cfm exhaust.

The R-Series heads have other race-ready features too: Additional material for porting, a .56" thick deck (available machined for Fel-Pro Loc-Wire head gaskets), intake port shaping compatible with Fel-Pro 1262 intake gaskets, stud mounts for rocker arms, spring pockets machined for 1.630" valve springs, and bronze valve guides already installed.

The R-Series heads are available as bare castings with valve seats and guides, or fully assembled with 2.08"/1.60" stainless steel valves, 1.560" valve springs, 10° locks with recess for lash caps, 10° retainers, and ductile iron intake and copper-bronze exhaust valve seats. 5/16" guideplates included with bare castings and assembled heads.

61cc 206cc 92cc 2.08" Intake, 1.60" Exhaust 1.560" Dual Springs


Iron Eagle SBC 230cc Port Cylinder Heads

Iron Eagle SBC 230cc Port Cylinder Heads

Small Block Chevy - 230cc Runner, available assembled or bare, 49cc, 64cc or 72cc chambers (please specify), angle or straight plug (Please scroll down for all available options)

All Iron Heads are DART's New Platinum Series cylinder heads!

The result of three decades of cylinder head development, Iron Eagle heads incorporate features that were previously available only in expensive aluminum cylinder heads. We designed Iron Eagle heads for street performance, bracket racing, oval track competition, and high-performance marine use. We offer five different intake ports - 165cc, 180cc, 200cc, 215cc, and 230cc that cover virtually every engine application. Dart Iron Eagle heads have standard features you don’t get in other factory and aftermarket cast-iron cylinder heads. Long-wearing bronze valve guides (except S/S), multi-angle intake valve seats, and hardened and radiused exhaust seats are standard.

DART Part# 10710040P thru 10821143P

Material: Superior iron alloy

DART Combustion Chambers: 49cc, 64cc & 72cc

DART Intake Valve Dia: 2.08”

DART Intake Port volume: 230cc

DART intake Port Dim: 2.180” x 1.210”

Int Port Location: Stock

DART Recommended Intake Gasket: Fel-Pro#’s #1206 (can Not use an OEM type)

DART Exh Valve Dia.: 1.600”

Exh Port volume: 75cc

Exhaust Port Dim: 1.375” x 1.325”

Exh Port Location: Stock Location & Bolt Pattern

DART Recommended Exhaust Gasket: Fel Pro # 1405

Flow, Intake: 308cfm @ .700” lift / 28”

Flow, Exhaust: 207cfm @ .700” lift / 28”

Head Bolts: Stock bolts may be used, we suggest ARP # 134-3601

Head Studs: ARP# 134-4001 or 234-4301 (12pt)

Manifold: Dart Alum Dual Plane (opening 1.100”x 2.00”) 5.50” tall or most aftermarket

Milling: Angle mill .125” safely / .200” = 49cc 1.5, Min. 58cc = .060” (.0065” = 1cc) Flat Mill° (carefully)

Pistons: Most 23°aftermarket pistons.Stock (Stock length = 7.800”)

Push Rod length: Stock thru +.100” Should always measure (Stock length = 7.800”)

Push Rod Guide Plate: Must only use Comp Cam # 4808 (flat)

Retainers: Steel 1.250” = ( 7° ) 1.437” = (10°)

Spark Plug: Angle or straight, .460” reach, tapered seat, Autolite AR133

Spring Cups: None

Spring Pockets: 1.550” OD (.030” deeper max)

Spring Options:

1.437D = 130# @ 1.800” / .620” max Comp 987

1.550D = 195# @ 1.900” / .690” max Comp 954

Valve Angles: Stock
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Oct 3, 2003
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keith, please update us on the status of your car

did the guy who was looking into your car trouble tell you to take the Pro-Comps off?


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Jun 10, 2005
Thanks. LOL I thought I put the SMF's up there...doh!!

The wrong lifters were put in the car. They should have been hydraulic but solid were put in. To give credit, the solids look almost EXACTLY like the hydraulics. The springs needed upgrading and the pushrods as well. So we re-dyno'd it...I came out with a little LESS hp but a better running engine. :mad::rolleyes::nonono:

So my guess is that the heads are holding it back. I will update my sig asap.


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Jun 10, 2005
The cam is custom. It must be that the heads are not made for big block c.i.'s. There really is nothing else to look at.


Mar 31, 2005
Columbia City, IN
What are you running for your fuel setup? Pump, injectors, tune, etc...? Also, what did Ed C. grind the cam for flow-wise? That should have been what determined the head / cam combo, right? Just curious, good luck! :nice:


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Aug 7, 2002
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The cam is custom. It must be that the heads are not made for big block c.i.'s. There really is nothing else to look at.

Oh, I was not aware, sorry bud. :)

Was the camshaft designed with your current cubic inch, cylinder heads, intake, exhaust, etc.

What were the power numbers again?

By the way, DART sells their heads individually.