arizona 5.0 swap

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About the only two things you've gotta watch for is that you MUST use an engine from any year newer than the one you're replacing, and that it MUST retain all of the factory-spec emissions components that came with THAT newer engine - EGR valve, cats, charcoal canister, PCV valve, breather filter, etc.

That said, I've seen a lot of wacky combos put in all sorts of years of cars - some mild, some wild. Too bad you don't have a '67 or older, as you'd be exempt from the smog restrictions, altogether. If you were replacing a V8 with a V8, most emissions techs won't know the difference between one and the other - 350's in place of 305's, 351w's replacing 302's, etc. - but with a straight six as the factory motor, you can only go newer. Of course, something out of a '71 wouldn't be all that bad, either.

Are you looking for just a bare block, a short block, or a long block? You might be better off just nabbing a used motor and freshening it up a bit on a stand, then plopping that thing in there - just be sure you know what you're getting, as far as the year and the required emissions crap, as some of the techs can be real anal about it.
For a source of Phx area guys who might have some insight (other than Darkwriter, who is indeed local to ya), you could check on

Good luck.
Fellow Arizonan... yippie...
The Engine House located around I17 and the I10 interchange sells short block 302's for about 500.00
I'd start there, I've used them in the past on a few cars and everything worked out great. I think the motors I got from them were hyperutectic piston motors though so you may want to ask about forged pistons when you call them.

other than that there are several good machine shops in arizona, the best being in tucson Machineworks is the best, I've known the owner for about 4 years now and he's built me 2 motors for my cars and done a ton of work for me.