Army/Navy/Air Force guys

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Apr 13, 2006
New Mexico
FINISH COLLEGE!!! Then if you want you can go OTS and become an officer. Otherwise, the military is not a bad career choice at all. If you want action and want to get shot at, join the marines or army. If you just want the benefits, join the Air Force, lol.


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Mar 21, 2001
Boyertown, Pa
I regret joining the AF and I know almost all of my friends regret it and can't wait to get out. If I were you I would work as hard as you can to get a degree. I would use the AF as a very last resort, and if it comes down to it, just make the best of it and be proud to serve your country. I would much rather have finished college and gotten a decent civilian job. You never know you may like it though. Somethings just aren't for some people. Looking in from the outside though, it does look a lot better than it actually does from the inside. Be careful because recruiters will paint the picture to make it look great, they may not actually lie, but will absolutely glorify the picture.

If you do go in though, make sure you get the job that you actually want, and don't settle for anything less. Recruiters will tell you that you only have certain jobs you can do, but don't believe that. Do what YOU want to do! Please. please have everything in writing too!


Jul 4, 2004
Carmel, New York
im kinda in the same boat

im 20, and am on my second year out of high school and do not go to college. i would like to, for the experience and to get a degree, but i am completely unsure of what i want to do. also, i have recently realized that i have no desire to back to school and do homework, tests, and all that other crap. i dont want to go, hate it, and have it become a big waste of time and money

Im pretty sure i want to be in law enforcement (its the only thing i can think of that actually appeals to me), but i cant do that until im 21. so right now i am just working and pretty much wasting my life away. so i have given myself a goal. by the end of 2008 (when im 21), if i do not have a police job ligned up, i am going into the coast guard. my reasons are that one of my real passions is being on the water (i work on a fishing boat in the summer and fall), plus they enforce laws as well.