ARP Engine Dress Bolts, timing cover/water pump kit


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Apr 15, 2024
Toledo oh
I was going to order the ARP H20/timing cover kit for my "Fox" swapped 67 coupe to dress up the motor, I have a bunch of mismatched hardware so i wanted to get proper, matched, preferably black hardware for the engine. so I have intake, tstat, oil pan, etc, but kept coming across bad reviews for the timing cover/water pump kit. Does anyone have this kit, part #154-1504? Does it have all the proper bolts for the 302 timing cover on the LM 5.0? and does it include the fuel pump bolts?
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You would be better off measuring the stock bolts and buying the individual ARP bolts to match. That way there is no issue in getting the wrong length. There are so many different lengths based on accessories, year/make/model that one "kit/set" is not going to work.
that is part of my issue as well, im not totally confident that i have all the correct bolts as it is. i guess i just gotta do the legwork on it. thought i could cheat by going to the forums hahaha
I have the ARP timing chain over bolt kit on my car and it works great. However I do not have a mechanical fuel pump so I believe you have a different timing chain cover that what the bolt kit was designed for.