B-day is coming up, so i decided to take up a new hobby :)


That is…until I whipped out my Bissell
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Feb 18, 2001
B-day is coming up, so i decided to take up a new hobby (paintball)

Been wanting to get into this for a while. Found a bunch of friends who want to play as well, so i started buying up some gear! I've come to find that paintball gear is expensive and you can modify these guns just as much as you could mod a Mustang.

I'm waiting for my new tank, hopper and feedneck to show up in the mail, but my entire gun setup is about $600 give or take all brand new parts.

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i really wish my buddies were still into it. back when i was in highschool we used to have a blast playin back behind my buddies house and at some of the local fields. i would love to get back into it
i used to play paintball quite a bit, but it got too expensive for me..i had about 800 in gear and the WGP autococker with the nitro bottle(never could figure out the name), hopper, FREAK barrel kit, etc.. was all fun..i think i had more fun working on the gun than actually playing the game, i was always the one fixing other peoples problems, stay away from the "wal mart quality" unless you like to fix it a lot..in the end i sold my collection on ebay for 450.00 buy it now(another mistake, it ended very fast)

It's an Indian Creek Designs Promaster Lasoya.

It's a factory modded Promaster

The Lasoya's are discontinued so the gun is marked down from $350 to $199. Not many left so i jumped on the deal. They still have the normal Promasters. Then i had to get the ASA, drop forward, tank, feedneck and hopper

Still gotta get my other gear. I'm paying for all it off my superbowl winnings....$1000 :)

I was at the local field the other day and some younger kids were playing. It's amazing to see how many 13 year olds run around with $1300 Angels and Ego's out there. That's just the price for the gun alone. Factor in their gear and they are prob $2000 into the sport.
Ever watch MTV2? Theres a show where this kid is trying to get this big fat rapper into shape. One day when they came home to the rappers house the pool boy was cleaning the pool. So the rapper whips out one of those paint ball guns steps outside and starts shooting the pool kid relentlessly!! LOL,,the kid got hit about 10 X and was running for his life!:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
lol many tricks pulled like that back in the day. We would go to business parks and do drive by's. To each other of course and we had cars as bunkers in the parking lots, namely my buick and my friends 93 saab. I had a JT 6.0, 14 inch ported and rifled aftermarket barrel, Halo hopper, ran a 20 oz tank, had 6 of em... yeah I was big into it. My friends gun was a sick ass A5 with the kit to make it look like a ar15, had the hopup kind of barrel, electric trigger, **** was SOOOOO accurate, it was insane.
yea the promaster is a real nice gun.. i used to shoot with one but then i ran into one of these bad boys.


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Which did u run into the turbos or the paintball gun. lol J/k. I had a Tippman A-5, halo hopper, flat line barrel. A-5's are bad *** you make them look like a assult rifle and many others.:D

my buddy had a A-5..that damn thing hurt like hell :rolleyes: i had a Spyder Pilot with a few things...barrel elec trigger ect...:D..i sold it on ebay becasue it broke(the trigger) and i was tired of spending my money on stuff for it....anything that is fun cost money now a days...