Baaad Hop! Gear Heads help pls


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Nov 20, 2006
Ok, have had my new 07 gt for just over a week now, weather has been pretty bad lately as well. But anytime i go to spin the rear tires im getting massive wheel hop. I mean bone-jarring hop, doesnt seem to matter if the streets are still covered in snow-just damp-or compeltly dry.
I crawled underneath just to make sure there wasnt some ice block wedged down there or something, during which i found that the rear valance ( bumper cover whatever ya wanna call it) is missing all 3 bolts on the inner side of each rear quarter panels. So im assuming my cars final inspection was on a monday lol.
It goes back to the dlr in 2 weeks when my stripes come in to be installed so ill have them look over the rear end while its there but i was just wondering are these cars Notorious for bad wheel hop/axle movement? before you ask yes i made sure the TCS was off.
It just makes me a lil nervous with the extent of it, ive toasted a few sets of tires on my Lightning and never felt anything this horrible
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The upper control arm has a hydra mount bushing which is what causes this to happen. Replace the UCA with one which has a urethane bushing and you'll be ok.
If you plan on lowering the car get an adjustable UCA so that you can adjust the pinion angle in the future.
You can get rid o most of the wheelhop by replacing the Lower Control Arms but you are not getting to the root of the problem.
LCA's are relatively inexpensive so you can do them at the same time for an additional $120 - $150 or so.
BMR, CHE, Steeda are some of the better brands. CHE has the lowest prices and Steeda the highest.

The following is applicable to all urethane bushings.
Disassemble the bushings and hand lubricate with Energy Suspension Formula 5 Prelube.
An 8oz. jar can be found at Jegs or Summit for $10.00
By doing this you will prevent all noises associated with urethane bushings and will prevent damaging the bushings by using a grease gun.
thanks for the tips i was a lil worried that maybe there was just something else wrong with the car besides the loose bumper cover, this summer if all goes to plan i am adding some deep dish 18s and planned on a lowering kit as well, ill just have to pad the budget a lil more and get me some Control arms as well
thanks again all :nice: