Backwards swap, T5 to AOD, what do i need to know.

Hey, ive got a 331 stroker that just spit out it's 5th t5. I know im going to get some people sayin if i could drive right i wouldn't blow them. This last one i just blew had never even been powershifted, i was actually just coasting in 3rd gear and punched it and out she went. Finally admitted that i just have too much torque for these things. Im only going to be driving the car on the street for one more year, when i get out of school, so i figured id jsut start setting it up for a weekend only car, mostly for drag racing. Im getting an AOD kit from my buddy whos swapping for a t5. I believe im getting the aod, the tv cable, pedal assembly, and shifter and cable. I was wondering if there is anything else i have to make sure i grab off of his car. Is there any wiring underneath the car for reverse lights etc. Will they plug into the existing t5 harness underneath. What about the clutch safety start wires and the cruise safety switch. What do i do with them. Is it also true that i have to get a new computer for an AOD, and that i might not be able to pull codes? Also what stall converter for a 331 with a tiny b cam. I know a ton about manuals but im an absolute virgin to automatcis :nonono: so absolutely ANY information u can give me about anything i need to keep in mind would be AWESOME. Thanks
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I'm not sure on the new computer, but I've heard the AOD one is better. If you need the AOD computer and your buddy is swapping in a T5 in place of his AOD, trade computers maybe?. You'll need the cross member. And I would recomend a Lentech manual valve body and a 3000+ stall converter


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Jun 30, 2002
timewarped1972 said:
as far as the puter goes, someone correct me if i'm wrong please, but a t-5 can run an aod or t-5 computer, for an a.o.d, you need an aod computer..
i believe an aod computer can run both a t5 and an aod.....i have one laying around in the garage if he is interested


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Sep 18, 2000
FL,89 LX 5.0
Yes , thats correct the AOD computer can run both but you will need the AOD computer and wiring harness if you dont feel like cutting and splicing . you already have the NSS switch under the dash you will just need unplug it from the pedal assembly and jumper it , your buddys AOD car should have that nice little plug in jumper .

I also recommend a tranny cooler . B&M makes a nice one .


Jun 17, 2003
timewarped1972 said:
as far as the puter goes, someone correct me if i'm wrong please, but a t-5 can run an aod or t-5 computer, for an a.o.d, you need an aod computer..

My experience is that automatic transmissions are far weaker and less reliable...unless built specifically for racing (and autos are usually much more expensive to repair too). How about a beefier T5 or a T56 instead?

I dunno what to do. Hahah, i dunno if i can quit the stick. Keeping with a manual is the best way to keep the car on the street, i'd have to go really steep in the rear end in loose in the converter to get the same kind of jump off the line as a stick and 3.73's. Im still stuck in the middle though... :shrug: As far as more aod questions, can i use the same crossmember? Do i really need a different wiring harness and not just the computer? Can i use the stock shifter rather than buying a b&m etc. what about running codes, will there be any problems if i just slap an AOD computer on a T5 harness. Thanks for all of the replys im getting good info.