bad habits you have when working on your car


Jun 5, 2005
i was just wondering if there are anybad habits you guys do when working on your cars. mine is always leaving the wheel lock on the last lug that i tighten and just throw the center cap back on and get freaked the hell out a few days later by some wierd noise coming from my wheel. lol that and i always seem to accidentally set my screwdrivers down on the battery the wrong way, causing the screwdriver to bridge the terminals. so kinda stuff do you guys do (or maybe im just a clumsy pos)
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Banging knuckles, dropping **** in the engine bay, throwing ratchets/wrenches and yelling F-bombs.

I've found that listening to Tom Petty keeps me pretty calm while out there wrenching, so I've listened to nothing but that for the past year's worth of work :rlaugh:
-I can't walk away from the car till she's done....I will continue WAY too long on a project until the job is finished. This can make working on the car less than enjoyable sometimes.

-My yellow lab ALWAYS sits next to me when I'm working/cleaning her and I more often than not end up having full on conversations with him about damn near anything.
thats awsome dman, i wish my dog was into cars. all she does is throw the pillows off of the couch and bark at kids lol
Yeah it's nice...but untill just a few months ago I was unaware that the other one was stealing every tool he could carry...I thought I was going crazy...litterally spending hours looking for screwdrivers and wrenches I THOUGHT I had left in the bay. He was taking them inside and putting them behind the couch....WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT>?????????????/
Banging knuckles, dropping **** in the engine bay, throwing ratchets/wrenches and yelling F-bombs.

My favorites. I am the same way. I will work on something for 24 straight hours if I have to. I worked on getting my old Z28 from 7pm to 7am one day before school. But I got the motor finished and drove it to school with the 350.
Mainly dropping crap and having to raise it back up to find it, and overreacting when I am having problems.

Also murphys law applies to me when I work on my stuff. If something goes wrong when I try to add something, it does. Once I'm through it works good, but it seems like it takes me forever just to do a fairly simple task like the intake swap.
I need some of you all night guys to help me. I get a good 4-5 hour string (depends on what Im doing really) but then run out of steam and motivation and quit. I just got done for tonight at 12:00, but plan to work all tomorrow!
I'm always leaving at least one tool underneath the hood and I'll find it a day later when I open the hood back up. Thankfully I always set them in places where they won't dent the hood fromt the underside. Once, I left my keys under there and was looking all over hell and creation for them that night and finally used the spare. A couple days later I open up the hood and boom there they are.