ball joint question


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Nov 21, 2007
I'm putting ball joints in my front lower control arm on my '88 and was wondering if I should put in the $65 moog or the $39.99 special from murray's? The car is gonna be setup as a street car not race or track car.:eek:
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When a ball joint lets go, the car can slide down the road on the frame.

Now make your decision.
there are certain things you can cheap out on...those are probably one of the things you dont want to cheap out stated above, they will cause a major accident if they the moogs

I dont go very cheap on hardly anything...Now i dont go buy the most expensive thing I can find. But I make sure that what I am buying is the good stuff so you dont have to spend more money later in the long run:nice:
MOOG all the way. I used them on my 81. To move them you have to grab them with all your might and force them around.

I just did them on a 99 V6 with 75K. The OEM Ford ones I put in were just as loose as the 75K 9 year old ones I took out. Which means that there was nothing wrong with the used ones, but the lady wanted new ones and she supplied them.

I haven't driven my car yet, but I am willing to get the MOOG balljoints will make the car drive and handle better than the OEM Ford ones, let alone some cheap off brand.