Bama Street Vs Race Tune

El Sabor Asiático

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Nov 7, 2013
I've been reading a ton of posts on various forums comparing the Bama tunes, and I'm still unclear on one specific point I'm hoping someone can answer. I see that the Street tune offers "more low-end grunt" than the Performance tune, but is it supposed to give more/less/the same torque as the Race tune? Which gives more power in 1st/2nd gear? It seems like the answer is Street, but I'm not sure.

I'm also wondering if Bama ever updates their tunes for cars that are completely stock, for the '96-'04 generation of Mustangs. In other words, if I receive a set of tunes for my stock '04 Mustang, can I figure on that set being the only tunes Bama will put out for that configuration, or is there any point in requesting another set every year or so?
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From what I've gathered the race tune turns off the oxygen sensors, so more fuel then the street. The race tune sped up the degradation of my cats and clutch disk, be prepared for some early upgrades if you haven't already. You might wanna call Bama really nice techs and answer any of your questions.