basic rundown of head - horsepower numbers


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Oct 17, 2003
Richmond, VA
so ive been reading and searching allot, but i cant figure it out. if you have a stock 5.0 minus say exhaust and cold air, what heads get you what horsepower? thumpers i have heard get you 30-40 more than stock,. when its just the head. yet i see other aluminum heads advertising 70 hp over stock... whats the run down? how about with other stuff like a simple cam? how can you get 350 hp out of a h/c/i on the stock block. i know you'll probably need 30 or 24 pound injectors for that, but whats the simplest way to do that?
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350 rear wheel hp on stock block N/A would likely cost more than you'd like. On a healthy shortblock most HCI combo's will lay down anywhere from 260's to 290's depending on the combination of parts. Well selected combos...correct heads combined with a proper cam selection and intake can reach and pass the 300 mark when tuned properly. By tuned I'm saying maximizing A/F ratios and timing for optimum performance but will also extend the meaning to include the general condition of the engine and it's other components...sensors etc. Alot of factors go into what the output will be but you can find good proven combos like the TF kits, holley kits etc.