Bassani on a 98 Cobra...Good Idea?

I have a 98 Cobra, and it is completely stock. I want to put some exhaust on it and am thinking of bassani cat-back...along with x-pipes. Is this a good combination for performance and sound? What will the costs round up to, and about how much rwhp will it give me?
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Bassani is stainless steel and nice sounding but $$$, any good free-flowing exhaust is worth 10-15 HP over the stock exhaust. If money is a concern...

I see you're in Texas, you can use any exhaust system based on sound/power and not worry about rust. My Flowmaster catback saw Michigan rain and no salt and looked great after 5 years as an example.
I am not too worried about the cost...i have to save up a bit, but i believe for the bassani catback and x pipes it will run me about 800 to 900 dollars.

My brother has a 96 cobra and with flowmasters. He wants H-pipes i dont want my car to sound the same as his that is why i am choosing bassani.....but if there are some better quality and sounding exhaust that still increase performance what are they?
Viteza... a bassani mid-pipe / catback combo sounds damn good on a 98 Cobra :hail2:

if you wanna check out a few different sounding exhausts, come hang out with us next weekend at Slater's in Humble for they dyno day...

The Houston ares SVT Mustang Cobra Club is putting on

here is the DYNO Thread if you are interested.
Bassani has a new version of their catback and x-pipe that isn't stainless and it costs considerably's made of aluminized steel so it's still pretty weather safe, just not as good as the SS version....It's called the BX...I'm most likely going to put a BX catback on my car after the first of the can check it out here

With the BX system for the catback and O/R X-pipe it should run you right aroun $700 and they have free shipping
IMO bassani is a good choice on any mustang! Go for it, sound is awesome and different from the flows. Nothing against flows, I have had them on 2 out of 3 mustangs but it's nice to sound great and not have flowmasters like everyone else.