BBK 1 5/8 LT headers????

Whats up Stangnet? Well i have a chance right now to pick up a set of bbk 1 5/8 longtubes and bbk o/r h-pipe for $100. Currently i am using bbk shorties and bbk o/r x-pipe which i can sell to pay for the LT setup.

My question is what is the difference in the 1 5/8 and the 1 3/4 headers? Which one is right for my setup??? Remember i will also be adding a set of heads, probably gt40x within this year.

So should i go for it or would the 1 5/8 headers not be enough for my setup?

Thanks in advance!!!
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i think you will be fine, the 1 3/4 are for people with more cubes or F/I. The 1 5/8 should suit you fine. If you decide to up it later to bigger cubes or F/I you may even make money since your only paying $100 for LT's + Matching o/r H. Just make sure the parts are in good condition.
Tonys89GT said:
Yeah, get the LT's, the will work better than what youve got. Then sell me your old stuff for $100.
Well actually i was going to try and sell my o/r x for 75 and my shorties for 75 so that i would make a little money out of the deal, maybe pay for a new o2 sensor ya know.

So basically the 1 3/4 are for people with fi or more ci's. Cool , I appreciate the help guys .