Been a while, pics of my stang


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Aug 11, 2003
Northern VA
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted on this side of the board. The veteran members know me, but for the newer crew here is an update. Sold the 95 stang after dumping an insane amount of money into it and decided i wanted a 2006 Mustang GT. I graduated college, ordered an 06 in June, received it on November 6th. Here is how she is looking right now. Give me some feedback. Tell me if its ugly or if its nice. Everything is helpful. Tips on what would look good would be sweet.


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Holy crap man, you've still been on Stangnet??

I thought we lost you....

Good to see you back man, you rock! The 06 is looking hot...all I can think of for a nice upgrade is a demented power adder of some sort, and you'll be good to go.

Oh yeah, Deep Dish as well....

Again, welcome back :nice:
hey i don't know ya but good choice. The black 06' gt looks incredible with those black bullitts. I think the Mach 1 intake would look pretty badass on there, but i am a big fan of that intake. other then that the car looks really nice. what did u graduate with? like what did you go into and where ya workin now?
Looks great man, only thing I'd do is deep dish in the back of course. Usually I don't like that body style but yours looks nice and clean and makes me want one. My car's bad enough, I can't imagine your blind spot with those rear quarter covers. Looking good.
A kickazz blower sticking thru the hood would look awesome.....Mad Max style.....My brother's got an 05 and I kid him about doing that......He's got the red and black the first to put some Weld's on that even if they would fit....
Car looks good
I was wondering what happened to you, never knew you sold the 95 :(. Anyways one of my fav mods for the 05-06 is those side louver things on the quarter windows, they look great. But another thing I would do right away to a 05-06 if i had one was get some 19" wheels, 3.5" tips, ducktail spoiler, also im not the biggest fan of the coral around the pony on the 06s. Your 06 is looking good though, dont take that the wong way, with your taste im sure it wont be long till you throw some more tasteful mods in it! :)