Been gone for a while...heres a nice update.


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Jun 2, 2005
Joplin, Missouri
So I have been very busy between work and home remodeling that I have finally got a change to get the 92 Gt together.

Here is what we have choosen to run.
351W .040 overbore.
Keith Black forged pistons 11:1 compression.
stock rods reconditioned
Custom comp hydraulic flat tappet cam.
FRPP 75mm tb and spacer
APR head studs
1.6 roller rockers
Patriot Performance heads, ported
Bbk swap headers
edelbrock super victor jr efi lower intake and fuel rail.
3200-3500 stall
bullet proof aod built by a good friend of mine who has been doing it for 25+ years.
30# injectors with 76mm maf.
Lakewood traction action lca's
toxico struts, shock, and springs.
Bfg drag radials.
3.73 gears with all new bearings and trac lok rebuild.
bbk caster camber plates.
Battery relocated to the trunk.
Drive shaft loop protector.

Probally some more little things that I forgot to list but this is my project for now. We are assembling the short block tonight minus the cam as it did not get done as quick as they said it would. But that should be here by next week anyway. So we are going to finish up the heads and assemble the short block in the mean time. Hoping to have it on the road by the middle of next month. Should be a real screamer. Oh, still using the factory a9p computer as well. Cam is a custom grind for motor/n20.

Well, thats about it, time to get to work. Have a ton of pics, just need time to get them posted.
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