Best shocks/struts for $250ish ebayed?


Sep 22, 2005
I found some Tokico HPs that look good, but I'm open for suggestions. Parts don't have to be from ebay either, thats just the cheapest place I found so far :p The car will be lowered 2" fyi
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Ive got KYB Gr-2's and theyre about $40 each.
If youre replacing all 6 shocks and struts it comes to $240 but then you have to figure in tax, etc.
I bought the 4 shocks at Advance Auto and the struts on ebay.
I have HP's with about 1.5" drop and they work well for my tastes (I'm not real picky though). I know that doesn't help you other than to say that I'd imagine the HP's would work alright for ya if you don't find something you like better.

Good luck.