Best/Suggested Exterior mods to '67 coupe

What subtle things have you seen that enhance the look of a '67 coupe? I search for pictures and all that comes up is eleanor. Mabye fender flares, grill or bumpers,etc...Or stuff to be taken off or smoothed? Any exterior/body mod toa '67 coupe?

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streetstang67 said:
No scoops is exceptable/understandable...what about wheels, two tone paint, stance...?

Any 'accent' for the vinyl top?

i wouldn't change a thing about your car really, but if you want a different look. wheels are a perfect choice. some nice 17" wheels would be cool, especially after you do some suspension and brake mods, but stay away from torq thrust II's everyone has them and they are starting to look boring to me and a bunch of other people as well. if you really want to liven it up, try a a blacked out grille and maybe an R code valance from cobra automotive here's a link products.htm

the 67 shelby hood would look nice too. your car doesn't need much if anything so don't over-do it
lets see....if i was going to do it, i would get grab a trak 750 front coils and cut about 2/3 coil off, do the shelby a arm relocation, maier race springs in the back, 1 1/8 front swatbar, 7/8 rear, remove chrome rockerpanels, fiberglass bumpers, maier 1-2" fender flares (not too big), new wheels to fill the flares or wheel spacers, shave all emblems, remove all chrome possible, gt or shelby rear valance (makes the exhaust tips look real nice), gt fog lights or blacked out grille, brake upgrade (4 wheel disc with painted calipers :D ), the gt turn signal hoods look awesome i think, but maybe do a cobra jet scoop off a 69 or 70 and make the ram air work, remote antenna, pop open gas cap, and i used to have a chin spoiler that was flat black and made my car like 3 inches from the ground. just a few suggestions
Another option is the "R" code type frt. valnce that accepts the stock bumper.You have a great looking car but the exhaust hangs too low at the back. Do you have GT rear valance with the dual cutouts? If not, you could try one and tuck those pipes up for a cleaner look.
That car is perfect, :hail2: don't change a thing, other than possibly removing the horse from the grill. There's enough "ricerized" Stangs out there already. :damnit: If you want something to do, concentrate on under the hood stuff ( big block or stroker small blocks are always nice)
I really like the fins that cover the rear tail panel, Its factory but I think It looks killer on the back of the 67's and A flip up Gas cap, thats if yours dosent have one already! I dont see many 67's with the tail panel fins or gills what ever you call them! Some Shelby door mirrors whould look nice also, what about factory Fog Lights? :shrug:
try pulling the horse and corral and seeing what you think of it. i did that on mine, and then mounted a 69 emblem in the gril that i think looks pretty sweet.

only other thing i'd recommend is a good set of 16" wheels and wide tires... i'm not a big fan 17s on classics, but to each their own.


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I think your car looks dang good already, but if it were mine, I would have done a few things differently. Keep in mind this is just my opinion and preference.

I would remove the vinyl top and shave the rocker covers, get some 15" wheels, and maybe use just the horse/corral in the grille.

At the same time, I dont think you need to change anything.
I think it all comes down to ...its YOUR car do whatever you want to it!!!! Drive it,crush it,paint it...what ever. The ( "ricerized" ) I am not sure about but you dont have a huge aluminum wing,stock hubcaps and lots of sponsor decals down your fender so you are not that yet.
BB1966 said:
I think it all comes down to ...its YOUR car do whatever you want to it!!!! Drive it,crush it,paint it...what ever. The ( "ricerized" ) I am not sure about
"ricerized" --------- scoops, spoilers, and other stuff that tends to clutter up the exterior of a clean, sharp car such as the one he's posted pics of above. :nice:
Great Advice, Thanks!
I dont really have the cash for rims and tires now, but I think the shelby front valance with chin spoiler, bumper, and brake ducts would look good. As for the back, I agree the exhuast just doesn't look good, but what could I do besides getting the GT rear valance? I guess I could cut holes in the current valance for the tips, but what about something that would match the new front?