best supercharger for my set up

New Member
Jan 26, 2004
what would be the best supercharger for my set up. mods listed in my sig. plus the best price & place to purchase one. any predictions on gains for what is suggested will be appreciated. thanks :nice:
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novi2000 is a beast blower for the $$ , is the only place I can honestly suggest getting it from even after I got mine from dallas mustang ... so you take from that what you may , T&Js has the best customer service I have ever experienced especially from a speed shop . The tendency in this business as far as I have ever seen anywhere else was always a bad experience unless you just had money out the ying yang to blow , you got treated like you were a peeon ... but they treat everybody the same which is great for business .. I dont see you hitting that number unless you do atleast a PI intake swap ( livernois kit only if you are adding boost ) and probably a cam swap too , PI cams should be cheap enough .. intercooler would help too