Best Tires for Pony Wheels?


Jan 10, 2003
Hey guys,

I recently picked up a set of really nice pony wheels to put on my 88 GT. I think I'm gonna stick with 225/55/16 so they won't rub too badly. What tires do you guys run? I hope to spend under $100 per tire. Also, what makes Kumho tires so inexpensive? Are they any good?

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a 225/55 front and a 245/50 rear would be a good combo, but of course a 225/55 on all 4 is the safest route. there are many, many good tires in this size, the kumho's seem to be really good tires, i had them on my cobra, but not long enough to see how long they last. price around and see what you can find
running 250/55's on mine with ponys. nice and wide track! had to trim the front fender extension just a little with a dremel tool but other than that its all good.
noslow5_0 said:
ummmmm the kumhos are cheap cause there a really hard compound an are suppose to last longer... but that being said ive only gotten 3000 miles to a set of ecsta 712's... they dont hook up at alllllll...

Hmm I have the cheaper 711's and I got all 4 to me for $240 or so. Not to bad, mine arent that bad, but I dont have a fast car. Maybe with more power they wouldnt be that good, but for a mostly stock car (like mine) id say youll be alright. Good Luck.

I have some nitto 555R's on the back(245-50-16) and kuhmo ecsta's on front(225) and I like both, the nittos get really good grip on street and since I don't do corners that much I can't really say anything about the ectas but they look cool.