Blue Fog lights

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00BlackBeautyGT said:
Hey guys, where can I find some blue/hyper-white bulbs to replace my yellow fog lights. I got blue/hyper-white headlight bulbs already. I would like to match em with my fog lights. I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I am not sure what you are asking for...are you looking for the blue fog lights themselves, as I have in my car? or do you just want the bulbs themselves?
I just put some clear foglights w/ blue bulbs om my 01 GT and it totally looks awesome and makes a bigger difference at night. I paid $99 for the clear foglights and I got the blue bulbs w/ them for $12 each.
I was in Circut City the other day looking at a new head unit, and I saw they had some fog lights there. They were only $20 so I picked up a set. Didn't expect much from them but they match almost perfect to my PIAA head lights. I think there called Eurolights or something like that.