blue smoke


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Aug 28, 2003
Bay Area

my car seems to run fine, but it smokes a lot. I have a minor oil leak that might be hitting the header smoking up, but it seems to start to smoke soon after I go down the street, before the engine gets hot.

I did a head swap with 3 stage value job, is their someway oil can be getting into the pistons buring up in there, and sending out smoke?

when I did the head swap I got great compression on all pistons (220psi on all 8).

So is it just an oil leak onto a hot survice, or am I smoking oil from inside of my engine? :shrug: Any help would be great.

would thicker oil help?
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the smoke seems to come from the under side of the motor, the problems is it doens't seem to come from any one place. Now, when the car is running in my garge, I do not notice any smoke of the tial, but a tow truck who drive behind me told me he thought he saw blus smoking coming out the drive side tail pipe.
Like others have said pinpoint the source of the smoke first. Take it down the road unitl you start to notice it, then bring it back in the driveway and let it idle while looking for the smoke. If you don't see it it coming from under the hood, rev it up a few times and see if it comes out the tailpipe.

it comes from under the hood, I see that. BUT if you are burhing oil within the engine would it be coming out of the engine area? I figure if I am burning oil that way it would only come out the bakc. I never seen blue smoke some out of my tail pipe, but I see smoke coming from under my hood all the time. it always seem to be less after driving a around for a little while. So, if I don't see any extra smoke coming out of the exhaust then the smoke from under the hood is for a leak? I need to fix that leak, but it's small, and I am in the middle of selling my house and moving so can't really work on my car right now.