Bolt ons on a budget


Jan 4, 2007
I have a 91 GT convertible and I'm looking to add some horsepower to it. This is my daily driver that i drive to and from work and to and from school, so it can't be out of commission for very long. I need to find some bolt on parts that wont take but a weekend to install and wont break the bank. I've already done a few modifications.

UD pulleys
BBK cold air intake
Accel 8mm wires
Nitto NT555 tires
American Thunder Flowmaster mufflers

any help would be greatly appreciated
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I would say a nice performance upper and lower intake manifold like GT-40. You'll get a nice, noticeable power gain out of it and you could find a used set for $200-400 if you look around, for instance on eBay. Another thought is a set of nice headers.
if i replace the stock upper and lower intake with cobra/gt40 upper and lower intake would it be in good practice to put a larger throttle body on as well?

I also have another question, is 65mm stock throttle body size or is it smaller?
If I were in your spot, I would do a shifter and some Full-Length Sub Frame Connectors. Then you might want to think about adding BBK 1 5/8" Longtubes($219) and a BBK O/R H-pipe($120).
i would do gears.. it will give u the biggest bang for ur buck.. doing an intake manifold really won't gain u a hole lot.. u kinda gotta do the hole top end to really gain performance outa it... i think
Forget the CAI and simply drop in a K&N fliter...the CAI systems are not effective on the fox bodies vs. stock box and high flow filter. Look at an Efan upgrade, gear swap, and the pullies mentioned but with an alt upgrade to save off any charging issues and assist with the Efan. Those changes with some headers, possible MAF swap and you'll notice your money was well spent. My first upgrade for any vert though is always subframe connectors.
gears....followed by subframes then full exhaust, K&N panel filter, and timing .... Acceleration will drastically improve with 3.73's and the frame connectors (full length only) will make a world of difference in the rigidity of the unibody. Long tubes, matching O/R H pipe. and catback along with a K&N will let it breathe much better. Then just bump timing from 10 to 14 btdc and your looking at 20-25 hp for the full exhaust and filter, another 5-10 from timing and a huge SOTP boost from the gears. It will wake up your 5L.
On a budget? do the junkyard upgrade...

Gears - 87-88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe rear axle - disc brakes and 3.55 or 3.73 gears in one package for $125-$300. Add another $100-$200 or so to complete the brake upgrade.

94-95 Mustang GT MAF - $40-$100. It is 70 MM instead of the stock 55 MM on regular stangs built prior to 94. It uses a slip on duct on the side that goes to the throttle body and a 4 bolt flange on the other. You need a $25-$35 flange adapter to fit the stock slip on air ducting that goes to the air box. Wiring plugs right in with no changes. *1

95-97 Ford Explorer intake manifold & throttle body $150-$300. The intake manifold flows 220 CFM +, much better than stock. Throttle body is 65 MM, bigger than the 60 MM on stock stangs. I got a 96 with EGR passages that match the stock setup, so my smog gear works just like factory. You’ll need a 65 MM EGR spacer & new gaskets for $65-$90 so you have a place to mount the EGR & throttle linkage.

3G alternator from 94-95 Mustangs or other Ford. $20-$120. A must have to make the electrical system work like it should. You’ll need a 4 gauge power wire and a 125-135 amp fuse to go with it about $15- $30.

Lincoln MK VIII electric fan -$40-$160. Free up some HP by not having to drive the stock fan. The 3G alternator upgrade is a must have prerequisite before you do the MK VIII fan. You won’t have enough electrical power if you don’t do the 3G upgrade.

Aluminum driveshaft: (courtesy of shawn13) It needs to be from a 92-93-94 Aerostar AWD and you will need the u-joint, part #353 from NAPA. It should bolt right up after the u-joint swap.

*1.) metal flange adapter

Buy the TR70 for $44.95.