Bought a set of heads


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Apr 11, 2003
Well i have tore the motor down already due to a blown head gasket i think was caused by an exhaust lifter, but anyway. I figured while i had it down i would try and pick up some heads (cheap ones) to give it a little more pep until i can afford the Alums i want. This way i figured i can drive it, have a descent amount of power, and still save for the alums.

the specs .600 lift crane springs
1.94, 1.60 new ferrea valves (thats the brand i was told)
ported out a little larger than the 1250 felpro on the intake side
All egr bumps etc. removed in exhaust port and opened up a lot






Tell me what you guys think, do these look like they might make some power. I hope that they will at least put the car mid to low 13's, that would be great, do you think that is even achieveable :shrug:

Do you guys think that these heads will be ok with a price tag of less than 250$ thanks for looking :nice:


ps... i have more pics if wanted
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I would get them cleaned , a fresh valve job and surfaced flat and then rock!! it does look like the springs are the Crane, port work looks ok and the exhaust is a little small. but you will make the numbers your looking for there.... Just be damn sure you check piston to valve clearance... those 194/160 valves will play hell on the stock Ford notches on the pistons.... might want to lay back the notch a little, as the valve will just be out side the notch... fyi

Just me............................

they are e7 irons, the valve job was only done around 1500 miles ago, they were a friends heads. He couldn't get his combo to run right it was running super rich, they have just been sitting for a month or so.

glad you approve of them, i could have the exhaust opened up a little more, but i dont know if they need it with the bigger valves. I rode in the car that they were on, they didn't do quite what he wanted so he took them off and bought some pro-toplines everyone told him combo was too big fot the e7's to start with, but mine isn't yet

the heads on my car arent ported, have stock sized valves, and are milled .035, if i mill them again they will have p/v clearance as i was close when i put them on last time. These have only be surfaced etc. not milled ported a lot, have larger valves etc.

they WILL make more power than my current heads.

oh yeah and what i paid for these i would have paid to get mine hot tanked and refreshed. :D it was less than 250$

i am still gonna start saving for the alums. not AFR's but the new edelbrocks, but i was gonna have to geat another set seeing as mine were milled so much, i wasn't gonna be able to reuse them, and i thought it was a good price on these. I can have a little performance gain to get me through to next summer when some aluminums will be going on the car, that i get to drive it the rest of this year.....

people who don't have afr's spend 250$ on stuff that wont add any power etc. all the time, its all in what YOU want to do with your money. I don't see it as spending 250 on them cause i was gonna have to get some any way, i only payed 200 for them, and i woulda paid 50-100 for e7's that would have to be refreshed, add what the machine shop would charge to the price of a set of used ones, and i came out about the same.