Bout to kill the stang!!!!

Mr. Rustypwnz

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Jun 1, 2005
indianapolis/ valdosta ga
ite, I got everything on the engine to start it up, I have the balancer bolt still in the crank, I had to have it on there when I torqued the flywheel bolts, so its on there pretty well, anyway I forgot to put the ds back in the tranz while dropping the engine in, so now I have to unbolt the ds off the rear to slide it back in the tranz then bolt it back up to the rear so that i can get the balancer bolt off so I can put the balancer on so I can time it. So far i have had my dad and hold one wheel and me holding the other while holding the wrench to try to budge em out, I ended up pulling a muscle trying to do this. I cant have the tires on the ground and try this cuz i only have 2 1/4" between the floor and the sfc's. I dont have access to air either, so how can I get em off with out killing myself or shooting the windows out in the car and possibly the tires and everything else, and now the stupid ds bolts wont come out :bang: Is there any option here? I need to have it opperable by sat, so I can ride with the brothas in a parade.

Please help me here guys!!!

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why did you leave the driveshaft attached to the rearend? if you got access to a cordless impact gun that might work. or find some way to wedge a bar in the yoke and the chassis to break the bolts loose. other than that i dont know what to tell you.
Apply the brakes and then use a foot applied to wrench on the DS bolts. The same technique can be used on the balancer bolt a 5 speed. If you put the trans in 5th gear, it will work much better