Brake annoyiances!


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Nov 29, 1999
The Termi has some really annoying brake quirks that are starting to ...well ..... annoy me. When I wash it I cant set the parking brake cause it will "lock" to the rotors and takes a decient amount of power to break em loose. Then it will make that loud screech moan that tractor trailers make unless I drive it fast in reverse and slam on the brakes a few times. It has the FRPP slotted/drilled rotors and im not sure on the pads. I thought they were EBC greens but the pads and backings are black. I guess I could take em off and get the number.
Has anyone else had this problem? My 96 doesnt do it but I dont have slotted/drilled rotors and I think the pads are just Autozone premiums.
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Dec 11, 2001
Olathe KS
The calipers slide on a set of pins, these pins may be seizing on you. You could always take it apart and put some new pins in and lubricate things. You may even find the problem is entirely different.