Brake hardline's won't budge. Tips?


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
i am trying to loosen the hardline at the passenger side firewall. i need to remove that 1" sleeve and put my proportioning valve there.

i cannot get the fittings to crack loose at either side. i tried heating it briefly, nothing. i used 2 wrenches and "pulled" them into each other. the bastards are so tight the wrenches flexed and didnt give.

any tips here? i've gotta get them loose.
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Short of using a penetrating oil...hitting it twice a day for a few days...and using brake/fuel line wrenches, you may need to cut the lines. I remember doing my 1992 and it was a bitch...damn nut cracked inside of sleeve, so I had to cut the line.

If you reach the point of cutting the lines, I would use a dremel and cut as close to the nuts as possible. This way you may be able to properly flare the two ends and have your PV fit nicely in between them

REMEMBER:: Do not flare until you put those new nuts on the lines first !!!

Good luck !
well i got one side of it off. the other side i still cant get to budge.

i have hit it 3 times now with liquid wrench. im gonna hit it once more and let it sit a few hours then try once more.
i got it today using flare wrenches. with them i could really put a ton of torque on it.

now i just need to replace my mangled distribution block and maybe one day the car will stop again.