Brake Line Help.


Oct 8, 2009
Washington, IL
I have a 89 and I broke the brake line getting the hose off. Yes I know dumb move haha. Well id rather not go throug the hassle of replacing the whole line.

I have a buddy but done waiting on him. He took a peice of it to fabricate a new peice.

How do I fix this issue holding up my project a replace this . Ideas and tips please
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You will need to first bend up a new piece of brake line to replace the one that you snapped off and then put a double flare on both the piece on the car and also the new piece. Obviously put the brake line fittings on the lines before you flare them. Then connect both pieces with a brake line threaded connector. You want to hold the connector in place and spin the fittings on the lines to tighten. I assume that is the line connecting to a soft brake line?
Just like MikeStang63 said, thats the only way I can see doing it. If you've never flared a brake line before, practice on an extra piece of brake line first. I just bought a short piece for a few bucks at the auto parts store and practiced a few times on it. It wasn't that hard, just make sure you get the double flare tool and not the single.