Brake upgrades?

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Stock brakes: Bleed the brakes and give it fresh fluid, if your rotors are worn, replace them with quality rotors and start researching brake pads that will fit your needs.

Upgrade: Bullitt/Cobra/Mach calipers and rotors. If you know where to look you can find a decent deal on them. If you really want to be budget about it, do the front rotors/calipers only. Select pads that fit your needs.
You sure can. I would highly suggest buying new calipers from one of our sponsors here. Then got to eBay and look up BrakeMotive. I have their slotted rotors and rear ceramic pads and I have zero complaints, only compliments. The Hawk HP+ AutoX pads dont match well as they dust and make alot of noise on these rotors. I will switch to their slotted rotor/ceramic front pads once these get eaten up.

Oh, and pick up a set of MM's SS brake lines. Install and bleed with new fluid, you will love your car, and if for some reason you have to get on them hard, they will possibly save you from a collision like mine did the day after I finally broke the pads in. 55 to 0 stops a helluva lot faster with slotted rotors/hawk hp+/cobra calipers than cobra calipers/stock brake lines/pbr pads, trust me....