Brakes and Shimmy and Spindle.

Ok, I think I need a new spindle.

History of the car is a little unknown, and we've been replacing repairing parts since it has sat for about 6 years.

Anyways, did the front struts and front brakes. (had a shimmy whenever brake pedal was pushed) also a vibration at highway speeds around 75+.

Already put in a new aluminum d/s with new u joints, that settled one portion of the body shake.

Anyways, in replacing the rotor and bearings on passenger side, when sliding new rotor on, bearing did not want to seat completely on the spindle. thought maybe bad inner bearing so got a new one. Same thing. Checked spindle. had some black marring on it, so emory clothed it smooth again. Still bearing would not seat on the spindle. Took the old bearing, same thing. so with a little persuasion, we got the rotor onto the spindle.

Installed new struts/shocks and MM C/C plates. took it to get aligned and gave the guy MM's alignment settings. Even with the CC plates, I believe it was the Camber on the passenger side, the guy said he couldn't get all the way to 3*. got it close enough per their specs and etc.

Took it out on highway. ALOT of the shimmy is gone, but it's still there, expecially on deceleration from 85+. Still some shaking on braking applications.

Could this be caused by a bad spindle (either bent or from spun bearing on spindle)

Could this be cause by rear drums being messed up?? We haven't gotten to replacing those yet, shoes looked ok, and wheel seems to spin with no grabbing or oscillation.

So figured I'd ask before replacing more stuff......

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No real plans to go five lug. Only real plans are to go to disc rears etc. We put this car together for my son's 16th. So the tires are only 3 months old. and had a pair of 16" ponies powder coated black. Have all the parts for the 5 lug but that came up after the fact of tires and everything else.

How much you want for the spindle? shipped to 34239 or 28273 can get it at either zip code...