No Brakes Help Me!!

The other day i was on my way home from taking my girlfriend home an was starting to slow down for a corner i hit the brakes and nothing.I had to pump them to get it to stop. So today i come home an take the wheels off to check my brakes pads there good so then i bleed my brakes again straight to the floor but pump tighter alot quicker than it was. So is it either my brake booster or master cylinder. Btw i wasnt in the stang i was in my 86 silverado.

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It could be many things. Was the pedal firm when it went to the floor or soft? When you pumped them did the pedal pressure change or did they simply start working?

A soft pedal often means air in the system that a normal bleeding process can't always get (a flush or full-bleed is in order).

But if there is air in the system then pumping the brakes wont make much difference, so I am going to guess you have a leak somewhere. Check all four wheels for signs of leakage. If you find none check the master cylider or trace the lines. If you still don't see any signs of leaking then maybe it is your power booster.

Good luck, drive VERY carefully until you fix it and let us know what it is/was when you do.
The brakes were very soft when it went to the floor. Really mushy it doesnt get tight till i pump them a good amount. I looked at the front two disc's last night i didnt even think to look at the drums i didnt see any leaks on the disc's i'll look over the drums tonight. Although the mastercylinder looks really clean an doesnt show an signs of a leak could it just be blocked or somthing alowing a bad feed to the breaks. An i'm not driving it at the moment until i get the breaks fixed i dont like the idea of not being able to stop.

Here's the logic/mechanics...

If you have air in the lines they will be mushy and pumping will not alleviate that.

Since pumping them made them work then what most likely happened is that the pressure in the lines was able to overcome the bleeding effect of the leak (you could put pressure into the lines faster than it leaked out).

You could have an obstruction in the line too, same effect...pumping adds a lot of pressure that overcomes the unwillingness of the fliud to move. You could have rusted linies, DOT3 attracts moisture like crazy and the lines can rust from the inside.
So most likely its a problem in the brakes lines, And not the MC because i was planning on picking one up after school an throwing it on there to see if that was the problem. Should i try an re-bleed the brakes an check all of the lines for leaks or rust.