Fox Brand New Lifter Ticking


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Nov 26, 2020
I just replaced a questionable lifter from my engine with a Summit Racing SUM-HT220 lifter, and it is ticking. It was soaked in oil overnight before installing. I can very easily press down the lifter by pushing down on the rocker arm. Oil pressure is 19 at hot idle, but that should be more than enough since none of the others tick. It gets faster with rpms too. Rocker arm stud is torqued to 25 ft-lb.
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It could be an oiling issue to that lifter. In order to check you'd have to remove the valve cover, put the intake back on, and start the car up. You should see oil building up in the valley in the rocker arm, running off the rocker, and on to the valve stem. Oil circulates from the lifters, through push rod, down rocker, down valve stem, down spring, and through head drain back holes. If you have a stethoscope or a hose you can listen to each stud to make sure you replaced the right lifter.

Edit: Wow, I didn't proof read that at all....
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Ok so I ran it without the valve cover. The lifter in question absolutely dumps oil through the pushrod before any of the other lifters begin to oil.


Third rocker from the right.

It has now pumped up and I can no longer push it down by hand.
What does this mean?
I think that lifter is made a little different internally causing the oil flow. The rocker pedestal may also need a shim removed or added for correct lifter pre load. The stud mount aftermarket rockers adjust by the torque or the turns of the stud adjusting nut. The factory ( or factory style ) rockers may need shims to adjust rocker pre load. Usually, lifters would be replaced as a set or with the same brand.

Check and see how easily the push rod spins and if there is any play at the pushrod / rocker end. The lifter needs pre load to also help stop noise. If the push rod end is worn the lifter will be topping out and compressing a tiny bit with each valve stroke. This doesn't really answer the heavy oiling issue...if its an issue at all. The other lifters may have some carbon inside them or the passages may be designed a little different ( different brand ). It isn't uncommon for a lifter to push oil out unevenly from rocker to rocker at idle rpm. If its ticking something is not right.

A sticking valve can also cause a tick at the rocker arm. It would be associated with a misfire or stumble. A broken spring will also cause a tick but you'd be able to see it, more than likely.
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The lifters when new have a hard time pumping up and getting their internal valve working
Soaking in oil overnight like you did helps but sometimes they do just as you experienced (not pump up)
Glad you got it handled
Glad it pumped itself up. It's always nerve racking when you hear noises after replacing a part.