Brand new member here!


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Feb 24, 2021
Hello all! New to this forum. Finally able to buy my first mustang. Not really looking to build a speed machine just a few tasteful mods that make loud and get good looks. I have 3 that I'm currently interested in. All are 5 speeds.
Which is better
1990 GT needs some work and odds n ends just recently got cobra heads installed
1988 GT with 65k miles
1995 GT with 115k
2000 with 10k on rebuilt motor
Thank you for your time to respond and help a new soon too be owner.
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Welcome to stangnet
My advice would be to buy the one that has not been fooled with and is complete.
Remember people will lie to you.
Swapped heads, rebuilt engines and claimed modifications need to be verified whenever possible. A lot of times people swap stuff then run into problems and get it running just good enough to pass as a good running car so the problem(s) are not noticed until later and you are chasing your tail trying to fix their mistakes.
#1 thing I would suggest is to take a scanner with you or have a trusted shop check out the car. Usually doesn't cost much.
If it seems sketchy, it usually is.