Break in period?

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yes. break in is from the time you install it to the time you drive it for the first time. :)
seriously, just get it adjusted correctly, and you are good.
Yes and no. There is, depending on the cable. If you get an OEM cable, than it is just three or four slow pushes of the pedal, and then make sure the FW adjustment is still good. It should be checked for proper adjustment every few days for a few weeks when it's new. A non OEM cable will never get through the "brake in period", it'll need to be checked for adjustment every few days until the day you break it.
It's nothing like breaking in an engine or a clutch though- like Hissen said... just put it in and drive the wheels off it. It needs to be checked on regularly, not babied :D
sirsureshot39 said:
Per instruction manual-Break in period for the clutch disc to be fully mated to the flywheel will typically take 300-400 miles...its common knowledge

He's just doing the cable, ect. :D

As they all said there should be no time where you have to go easy on it, unlike a new clutch as sirsureshot39 said.
Jess, good point about checking the adjustment frequently. i managed to omit that one.
Sirsureshot, it is common knowledge that people are a little groggy when they first wake up - sometimes they dont read and comprehend as well while in this 'waking up' or 'break-in' period. ;)
it was great advice, though. :)