Broken cruise control clip


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Jun 19, 2003
Mechanicsville, MD
I broke the plastic clip that connects the CC cable to the TB. Can just the plastic clip be replaced? (it doesn't look like it) I purchased a replacement on-line from a junkyard and they sent the entire CC system? I don't need CC that bad if it requires changing the entire system just for a plastic clip. :(
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+1 My CC clip has been broken for years, I had it ghetto rigged for about 6 months at the beginning and that eventually gave out, never really gave it that much thought though cause I rarely use it, but I also like everything on my car to work
I got one from a junkyard for a buck. The clip comes apart and allows the cable to come through. It has a factory crimp on the cable you will need to cut to get the broken connector off. Slide the new one on and crimp or clamp the cable with something ( I used one for a bike cable). Put the cap back on the connector, clip it to the throttle body and you're done. Good luck.