Brother's car wont crack just clicks


Oct 14, 2005
Brother's car wont crank just clicks

Just put a 89 5.0 bottom end in my brother's 94. We are using the same starter and flywheel that came off his old engine. Car is a 5 speed. We finally got it all together and today when we try to start it the starter just goes CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK, like it isnt engaging? but I have no idea why it would do that.

Any ideas? We tried charging the battery, but still more clicking. He really need the car for college this semester, any help would be great :flag:
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Nov 29, 2004
Miami, FL
It actually really sounds like the battery. How are you charging it with a trickle charger or jumper, because if you have a bad cell those things really wont help. Try using those big speed chargers they have at like advance if you have one laying around. Put it on high for a minute and give it a go. I have a snap-on one at work and that one always does the trick. If you test the battery and it still checks out you could go str8 to the starter and short the signal to the power to get see if it cranks if it stil does nothing its the starter (assuming the battery is good) if it does work well then you have a problem with the signal to the starter but i doubt it because you are still hearing the clicking.


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Jan 27, 2003
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I also think bad long has the car been sitting waiting for the donor motor? And how old was the battery before all this happend? If an old battery sits and gets discharged..theres a good chance that it will be no good. Spend 10 min. and take it to the auto parts store to get it tested. And/or bum a battery from another car (you seem to have some pretty sweet ones:D ) just to make sure thats not the problem. But it def. sounds like a dead battery.
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