Buckin' The Odds


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Sep 30, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Hi All,
My 68 Coupe project started in 2000 with the purchase of a new 5.0 from Ford Motorsports.Car sat untouched (except for moving it around/lack of time) and the got the engine yanked in 2003. Well.....I thought "I can't put a new engine in without at least detailing the engine compartment" and then "Gee it would be easier/better to detail the engine compartment with the front fenders, etc removed," and "Oh boy, now would be a good time to redo the front end, Shelby drop, disc brake upgrade, T5, etc. etc..............." Well I'm finally making some good progress and bucking the odds that a project that sits too long will never get finished except after being sold as a basket case. Some pics to make my point:


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