Bullits or FR500's on a silver 98gt

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Since you ask for opinion-------round edge cars look much better with FR500's, black or silver. The only New Edge wheel that I think looks good on curvy cars is the 99-01 Cobra/03-04 GT Prem. wheel. The Bullitt type just don't look right on the 94-98 cars. It isn't as smooth and flowing like the curves on the car. Bullitts look better on edgy designs like the 99+.
lol i think the opposite. FR500's only look good on cars with straighter lines, like a 99-04, whereas the bullits with curves in them match 94-98's. IMO, of course.

Id stick with anthracite or silver, i truly despise this whole black with polished lip craze on everything. theres a local laser red 95 gt with chrome bullits and dd out back and its ****ing sexeh.