Bumper/Guard install help


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Jun 10, 2002
Houston Texas
Great point Mustangdave:

The car is an early 65 (64.5) coupe

Hi Folks;

Q. Do the chrom bumper guards mount so the upper tip is on top of the bumper, under the bumper? Do the upper mounting tabs go on top of the bumper mounting bracket or below? Some detailed pics would be great....books do not show enough detail.

Some detail.

Never had the chrome decorative bumper guards installed on the front, (Can't do the back, GT-valance) and was putting on all that new chrome, bumper and freshly painted sheet metal last night AND:

Given that almost every body panel on a mustang has oblong mounting holes, i.e. everything is adjustable every way, it is easy to mount items ...not quite right. In addition, pulling pushing and little bending adjustments is common as you put it together......just want to push/pull the right way!

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