Burning Clutch Smell

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Time to replace it and your clutch cable...

Assuming you have a stock clutch? You can try to auto adjust it, but the cable might be stretched. No noises or anything?
It might have a Spec clutch installed, if so you can't slip them, they'll burn.

If it's the stocker, just try the readjust meathod. Lift up on the clutch pedal while rolling forward, then press down and it might reset things.
Just a thought, and if it doesn't apply, please feel free to call me retarded:
Was your a/c still blowing cold? If not it might be your compressor clutch. My a/c was low on coolant and it caused the comp. clutch to work overtime which made it smell like unholy ass in the cabin.
Best way to tell if it slips if go 40 or 50 in 5th and mash the gas.If the RPM's climb, and the car doesn't really accelerate, it's the clutch.

I wouldn't order anything more than a FMS KC, or a Spec Stage 1. I just placed an order from AM yesterday. They shipped it same day and the tracker says I'll have it tomorrow. That is frickin first class customer service right there. I have my car going to the shop to have a clutch put in Thursday. I would do it myself, but I ahve class WED and THUR, a baseball game tonight, and my Dad is have surgery on Monday. Time is not my friend this week and next. I just want everything to go smooth on Monday....