C&L Plenum matched to a Ford Racing 70mm TB


Mar 26, 2009
Metro Detro
I found these 2 parts used for 100 bucks from a guy with a 98 mustang, and they seem to be in great shape.

a C&L plenum which i think is a 75mm and a Ford Racing 70mm Throttle body part number F6PU-AA

Doesnt come with any hardware or gaskets however just a gasket on the TB. Doesnt the intake manifold have its own gasket for the plenum?

Would my stock tb bolts work on this thing?

Same TB thats posted on this website

Thanks guys
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Thats the exact combo I have, great deal you got.
You can use the same bolts, and yes the intake maniflod has a reusble rubber
gasket. The TB does require a gasket, you could probably reuse the same
one. I picked up a couple of new ones from the ford dealer. I originally had
this on my 99 and when I put it on the 04 I had to use a smaller vacumn hose
to the C&L.