C4, C6, AOD... really matter for sn95?


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Aug 25, 2004
Hey all, I'm recently looking for a much stronger auto tranny than my tired AODE. I've seen some C4s, C6s, AODs, AODEs, etc. for sale and I'm wondering what would be the main differences between them for fitting it up to a 94 5.0. Can anyone point out the main differences between them, or provide some sites that discuss this?

This would be for street use, so the C4 probably wouldn't be the best idea for highway speeds.
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Yeah, my cousin dropped a C4 in his 89 Lx 5.0 and he does not drive it on the highway for the fact that he does not have an overdive. This therefore makes the motor scream at highway speeds. He was saying something to me about a c5 trans?? I dont remember though.
C5 is basically the same as a C4. As far as installing any of the named autos, no real big differences. C4 and C6 are three speed autos with NO OD which makes highway driving rough. There are currently several companies offering well built AOD trans intended for high hp/torque applications.

If you plan on driving on the street much, I suggest a "built" AOD/AODE. C4/C6 are stronger, but you will be sacrificing streetability. C5 is somewhat rare and has no advantage over a C4.
Thanks for the input guys. I found a built AOD for sale in the area. I might go that route if it will work fine with a SN95 car?

I'm not sure if shift points would get really screwed up, and it not being a AODE, etc.