Cam Synch Problem..


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Oct 1, 2013
Okay so I heard the dreaded scream from my 1999 3.8 engine and figured out at 127k miles the cam synch is going south.
I pulled the plugs and got her to TDC, I saw the "tooth" in the center of the "window" and pulled the synchronizer.
The directions say to transfer the oil pump shaft to the new synchronizer, but gives no information on how to
remove it from the old synchronizer.. I know there is probably some stupid clip in there so I removed the pin from the
gear and the gear won`t move. Do I push something into the little hole below the gear to release the shaft?
There is some play in the shaft so I know its not stuck but I don`t want to break a clip I may need.
I have searched all over for the answer to this and have found nothing.. :(
Please Help.
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Update: Shortly after this post I looked at a new oil pump shaft at the auto parts store and found the shaft has a internal snap ring that is supposed to let the shaft just pull out, mine would not budge. I spent the $2 and bought a new one, I had the car running nice and smooth within 15 min.
Just a FYI because no one seems to mention this online....
I checked my timing alignment not only with the plastic tool, but noticed the crank sensor has a line on it for TDC and the mark lined up with the third line from the right on the balancer on my 99.