Can anyone tell me what hose this is?


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Mar 28, 2010
I have a 95 mustang gt and a hose is broken and not sure what it goes to. If you are looking at the engine bay, on the right side near the drivers side window there is a set of 4 hoses mounted to the fender well. 3 large and 1 small. The 1 small one is broken off. It is the 3rd one down. It is a plastic hose smaller than the thickness of a pencil. It says a/c on the mount. The a/c still works. The hose runs to a connector then into the firewall of the passenger side. Here is a picture of another car as to what i am talking about. Thanks!


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That's not the best picture, but the small hose off of that tree goes into your firewall to control all the vacuum lines for the HVAC. If your AC still works, and the hose is broken, it should only blow on defrost, not in your face.

Yeah sorry about the pic. It is the hose off the tree. The a/c blows cold as ice and has for a while. The defrost works too. What does it actually connect to inside the firewall?
The line goes to the selector switch on the dash. The selector switch then has a bunch of colored lines that go all the vacuum solenoids under the dash that control where the air goes.

The next step would be to start the car, turn the air on, and start switching the selector and see what vents the air is coming out of. This question comes up about 3 times year on this website. It's a pretty common problem.

Yeah, you are going to have to do some ethnicity rigging to get it back together. They don't sell that line, and even if they do, it means going under your dash, pulling the HVAC job and re running it from there. It's much easier to just get a soft vacuum line from the autoparts store with some vacuum splices. Should be a really cheap fix.

cut out the bad section get the tightest fitting soft line... coat the outside of the hardline with superglue and stick it in the soft line. run the soft line to the vac tree. just leave it that way till your heater core goes... then run all new soft line, thats what i did atleast
@revhead "Ethnicity rigging" LMAO. Well good thing is it broke off at the tree and about halfway from there to the firewall there is a splice already there so maybe it was done already. Atleast I have a spot where I can pull it off at without going into the firewall. When I replace the line do I need the a/c control in a certain spot? Also any idea what the I.D. of the line is? I can just take a part of it in but wondering if anyone knows.