Can I engine swap a new edge v6 into a 97 body?


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Jul 9, 2022
Hi, first time poster here, I have a 97 v6 with a bad block, and while looking at my local junkyard for other v6 mustangs to take the block out of and swap into mine, I noticed there was a huge amount of v6 new edges, but not from my year (97). I was wondering if I could use a v6 block from any year between 94-04, as I am going to reuse all the parts I have for the car now (i.e. heads, bellhousing, transmission, exhaust, accessories, literally everything.) Basically what I'm wondering is, is there any difference from the v6 blocks through 94-04? Is there anything that won't bolt up properly? My main concern was the bellhousing mating up with a block from a different year, so if anyone has any info, please share it, as I cannot find this answer anywhere else on the web. Thanks-Paul.
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Yes, I pulled an 02 out of the Pull-a-part and put it into my 95. Bell housing worked fine. This Thread is where Posted everything.
It is sold now and in another set of hands. I now have 2 01 Coupes in its place