Can I put a T-5 behind a 351C?? Please help I am about to spend big $$$


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Oct 12, 2000
My mechanic (which I use occasionally) just told me he can't put the T-5 in my Mustang becuase it has a 351C engine.

Maybe he is confused about the 351M or 400M???

Does anyone have a T-5 hooked up to their cleveland ?? :bang:
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The bellhousing is the same as the 351 windsor and the 302 so there really should be no problem. You will have to get the proper flywheel but that should be no problem either.

The only real problem is that if you don't drive that thing like your Grandma on Valium you will shatter that T-5 in very short order. You need to get the beefiest aftermarket upgraded T-5 you can find or you are just wasting a lot of money.
Check out the corral forums:

There's a big block/cleveland forum there. One of the guys has a built Cleveland with a T5 behind it that he drags regularly in a fox stang. Bad88GT is the tag, I think. It's not a stock T5, though. Ronstang's advice is good. I think Bad88GT has a T5 built to be about as strong as you can buy.

Oh, and everyone on the forum keeps asking him, "did it break yet?" So, while you could pull a world class T5 and run it behind a 351c, I'd be surprised if someone would recommend doing it. It would just suck to tell someone to do it and have the tranny break the next week or something. :nonono: