Can someone explain the dif between 1.6 & 1.7RR?

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i believe the ratio is the length of one side of the fulcrum compared to the length of the other side of the fulcrum. If u know your lift divide it by 1.6 and this is your cam lift or if u know you cam lift u just take it times 1.7. In other words take your cam lift times your rocker ratio to get the lift.

I did not see heads in your sig.

If you upgrade your heads you might want stud rr's to go with them.

More cam options with the 1.6's.

If your considering these rr's for E7's they most likely would be ped mount.

Would these rr's work in the future or would you have to buy another set.

One last thing, don't expect but a few hp from rr's.

Just my .02