Can someone identify the part that goes to this Ford part number?


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Dec 2, 2000
Lehigh Acres Fla.

I have no idea what this thing is or where it goes. I know it goes on there... someplace. It looks like a collar or something for the steering column. It has two holes in it ( like screw or pin holes). My steering column is fuly assembled as far as I can see. Looked the part number up on 3 different sites and none of them gave me any matches.

I'll get a pic later if it cant be identified.
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Thanks for looking. Where did you find it? It doesn't have any other numbers on it except for "84 - 59 CAV.4 " below the other number. I thought about the alt... but I coudn't find any holes on the side of the old stock alt. I don't need it. It's not broken or anything. I just wanted to know what it went to I guess its useless now with my 3G hah.