Can someone track down.......


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Apr 5, 2005
There used to be a company that sold relocation kits for the AC and radio in FOX cars. the link to the company i knew that sold them has discontinued them ( called muscle mustangs or something like that now) anyway, i would REALLY appreciate if someone could find one of these somewhere on the internet, as i'm not that good at finding obscure stuff. i'm sure some other comapany has got to be making these things still, that was too good of an idea to die!
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Most people switch it just to get more room for the stereo. The shifter gets in the way when putting in or taking out a CD. Most also allow for the install of 3 gauges. Just a design thing. I think it looks good.
Yeah, it would for sure be a form over function thing....... can anyone find billet?

I've been toying with this idea for a while. Already made a panel for the 01-04 radio area, and working on the 05+.

It could be made in billet pretty easily. Another option would be a plastic that allows engraved lettering to be back-lit for viewing. I've used it on a product made for the 05+ cupholder location. Here's a shot of the lettering:


It's meant to go here:


Myself, Mansonozz, and my business partner have some fox body radio panels I made in our cars. Planning to make some more of these, likely with the lighted lettering. I'll keep you posted on how that comes along.
i have a 5 sp fox with a cd player....never had a problem getting a cd in only time i would see it to be hard would be if the car was in 3rd and if your putting a cd in while your in 3rd you deserve to get into a accident i have no problems with my shifter and cd player.....weird
its funny i was going to post on the same subject because it is a problem seeing the stations as well. i work for a climate control plant and i was going to try to tackle the job myself with longer vacuum tubes.but it should work back then the area under the stereo was good for an equalizer but now with the built in eq that is just wasted space.but there is no room when you are shifting and it is positioned to low. the newer stangs got it right where the radio is further up and if you want to install a dvd player it would be ideal .