Car in for axle whine now almost a week...


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Jun 21, 2002
Orlando, FL
The 07 GT we just bought, that now has a little over 3000 miles on it, is at the dealer getting the rear axle whine fixed. After two failed attempts with new gears (replaced both ring and pinion twice), they now have ordered a complete rear axle assembly. I am not upset about this, I am actually quite glad they are doing whatever it taked to fix the problem. I should get the car back Tuesday or Wednesday. One thing that sucks is the slow ass Focus we have as a rental. :lol:
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That sucks...

Did the whine develop as you drove or was it there from the begining?

it has been there since we bought it. it starts at 60 and goes till about 85 mph. But the whine was much worse when we installed teh BMR lowers with poly bushings... obviously the polys made the noise transfer much easier. But they said nothing about the arms... as they would never make the axle whine.. but make preexisiting axle whine much more noticable.

Yes, I did. They put a new rear end in it, but it still whines. Now it is more pronouced when you let off the gas over 40 MPH. And it still whines a little from 70 MPH+... Im gunna give it a little time before I bring it back.......